I offer an individual approach to coaching which means that during the initial interview either by skype, telephone or in person, we discuss what you would like to be different in your life. Some may bring issues as listed below, but the key is that each person is unique, and your coaching will be tailored to your life.

Frequent presenting issues:

– Confidence/self esteem

– Relationships/Family

– Achieving work life balance/becoming more successful in work

– Career change/preparing for retirement

– Experiencing a sense of meaning in life

How would you benefit from the sessions?

The first thing you would get from the sessions is time set aside for you! Too often our energies are channeled into work, family members, interests and chores before any time can be set aside for yourself. When you do get a moment, the temptation is to escape through TV, going out, reaching for a drink, so that we can recharge from shear exhaustion of daily life. Coaching sessions are genuine time out, to look at our over our lives and see where we might like to make changes and improvements.

The sessions would include some discussion around you and life as well as looking at specific areas you wish to work on. We could also consider various exercises that could help bring significant changes into your life. It would be useful to come to an initial free consultation to find out if coaching is something that could work for you.

Latest Testimonials

“I found myself wondering why, when everything in my life was OK, I still felt dissatisfied and lonely most days. I had so many good things in my life, a nice house, decent job, family, etc., but somehow I just couldn’t seem to settle or to feel happy. After a few months of sessions with Rowan I found I could unravel the history behind how I was, and unpick the reasons behind my dissatisfaction. I find life now is a lot more fulfilling, I have coping mechanisms for issues which I’m still working on.”

“I found it difficult to form good friendships with people. I often got anxious to the point of not being able to do ordinary things.  Now I make good and solid friendships. I’m more settled and happy with myself, and have been able to set down my ‘mask’ which I used to use, to get by in life.”

“As well as enjoying a much deeper level of happiness and satisfaction now, I feel that the future holds even better things to come. Without Rowan’s guidance and insight into my state of mind I wouldn’t have got to this place.”