Counselling and personal development



Could counselling help you?

Counselling (therapy) can help people who are struggling to live a contented life. It might be that you have symptoms of feeling low or anxious, have a lack of motivation, or perhaps are experiencing other symptoms such as grief, sadness, panic, eating problems, obsessive conditions. The cause of these difficulties might be a specific event such as a loss, a shock, or living through difficult times, or the reason for struggling may be unknown. Counselling is an exploration of thoughts and feelings around any difficulties you may have and then working with any underlying issues. This brings increased awareness to your own processes, I then support you in finding ways to feel better.

What will happen during counselling?

Our counselling sessions will take place online on zoom. We will start by talking about your reasons for coming to counselling. As we explore events, thoughts, and feelings we bring them further in to your awareness and you develop a clearer understanding of what is going on for you. As a counsellor, I then use my skills to help you unpick the problematic knots which leads to you moving though and out of your problems over the course of therapy.

The counselling relationship

A lot of research shows that the main basis for any type of therapy to be successful is a quality therapeutic relationship with your counsellor. I have studied this area in depth and make an extra special effort for my clients to feel connected, safe, comfortable and understood during our sessions. I will be non-judgemental whatever issues you bring to sessions, and I will be understanding to your struggles. My clients comment on how it is much easier to talk to me about personal issues than they originally thought.

How long does it take?

Some clients prefer to specify a number of counselling sessions they wish to have during their initial counselling consultation, others prefer an open ended arrangement where the length of therapy is discussed as we go. Once a client has finished a period a therapy, they are welcome re-enquire for further sessions.